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Products - Enterprise Document Management System
We, Software Labs Ltd., have realized the importance of document handling in a corporate environment. It has also been found that proper software to professionally keep track of all kinds of document including outgoing, incoming, and internal in whatever format (i.e. Letter, Fax or Email) is not readily available. The few available are used by very large corporate and are prohibitively expensive.

This is why we decided to develop a document management system in house for the corporate sector in Qatar to benefit from. After months of hard work the system is now ready and available for implementation.

Why Document Management System?  
Needless to say documents make up a big chunk of Information, since Information is power these days, you can imagine the importance of Document Management in a successful business. You will find a computer in every office now a days. But have you ever thought that what percentage of its capability is being utilized?  We would say "hardly 10%".  Surprised!  Well, but it's true. In most of the offices Computers are used as a "Glorified Typewriter". You use a Word Processor like Microsoft Word to type a letter or some other document, use a spreadsheet like Excel to make a tabular document. Then you save it on the hard disc or on a floppy. To get it back at a later date you need to remember the file name of the document and the name of the disk if it was a network or the label of the floppy.

Don't you feel that you are doing a lot of work that is supposed to be done by the computer? The name of the file and where it is stored etc. should not be your headache. The computer should remember it and help you find it. If this is the case of your own documents the situation with incoming documents are extremely worse. A letter received from an important client may travel from desk to desk after receiving that in your office. Wouldn’t you like to get a complete history of that document at any given time? Wondering how? Well, it is possible. The only thing is that you need the right software to take care of these tasks, THE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Software Labs Enterprise Document Management System  
Our system is designed to meet with the requirement of any business in a very simple and user friendly manner. It works on a Microsoft Windows 2003 or Later network with Multi user capabilities. It keeps track of every document at your office whether it is a letter, fax or email including any attachments thereon. You can forward or refer documents to colleagues and CC to anybody else for information with comments or requests. You can set reminders to deal with a document at a later time. The system keeps track of all these activities and the whole history will be available at the touch of a button. The system automatically generates messages to all those forwarded or copied. You do not need to make several copies of the document to distribute among concerned employees, saving paper, toner and the wear and tear of the machines. Dependability on individuals will become a thing of the past. You will also be able to electronically archive your documents for future use.
Download the brochure - PDF
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